The Yes! Coaching Program -Live the Artist’s Life & Make it Sustainable

I think you’re reading this because you’re a super-accomplished artist and your art career doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.   You might wonder how you make that happen. It’s a good question and doesn’t have an easy answer. But it does have an answer.  The Yes Coaching Program will give you the answers and your art will be moving out of the studio before you know it, and you will just want to create, create, create!

Artists tell me that they think that all they need is to get eyes on their art for it to sell, but either they don’t do anything or they don’t do the things that get them anywhere.  Sometimes they try different things, and still nothing sells.

You can turn this around with Coaching and start hearing “Yes!” After you become a part of the Yes! Coaching Program you really get to have a life that is centered around your art. You are making that way of life sustainable as people come to you who want to show, sell and buy your art.

This is for artists who want to be a part of the conversation.  It’s for artists who want to know what to do to get the recognition and sales they want for their art.  Artists who go through the program are actually getting this.

I know it can happen for you because I have helped other artists who get into shows and galleries and are making sales of their art.  Things are moving for their art in a way that’s never happened before. They have momentum. Their schedules are full and they have places for their art to go.  They become part of the Yes! Program and start hearing “Yes.”  It gets them moving and the creativity flowing. The positivity builds, and there you go, the things you want start to happen.  You get into shows, you get sales, you get gallery representation.

If you are looking for a quick, upward turn in your art career, then APPLY NOW. Start with a free strategy session to see if you qualify for this ground-breaking program.

This is You in 12 weeks after completing the program:

  • You have become re-engaged, enlightened, and enthusiastic. You traded in the fear and got excited about putting your creativity to work to take it to the next level.
  • Your vision has expanded, become clear, and your limitations have fallen away.
  • You are confident and have the ability to open doors that had been closed to you before.
  • You have found gallery representation, new exhibitions and clients, and made sales for their art with grace and ease.
  • You have implemented your marketing plan
  • You have doubled the number of shows and your sales
  • You will feel authentically like yourself.
  • You have fallen in love with your art…again.

The Yes Coaching Program has worked for other artists and it can work for you.
This is what artists have said this about the Program:

“I’m so glad I spent time on this part… because it set me up for the success I have been getting in just a really short time. My whole life has changed on a daily and weekly basis.” ~~ Jill Ewald, Artist

“I think artists cannot underestimate the importance of preparation and practice.
Success really is when preparation meets opportunity.” ~~Karen Barrow, Artist

“Coaching gave me that extra structure and inspires me to stay on track. I notice that I’ve changed my thought process. It’s an investment in myself, my life and my family.… In 2 years, I went from selling a box of cards at our open studio to selling 19 paintings!
I am now represented by 3 galleries.” ~~ Farida Hughes, Artist

“Gwenda is soft, firm and so effective.  I get inspired every time we talk. I am developing my own style that I’m getting known for and I’m so much more productive. Thanks to Gwenda, I’m thinking bigger.” ~~Kelly Radding, Artist

The Yes Coaching Program will help you feel authentically like you.

When you enroll in the Yes! Coaching Program, you can expect to spend 2-4 hours per week on the materials for the program and time on your art. In addition, you have the option to participate in an hour-long bi-weekly live session that meets 7 times over the course of 13 weeks.  This gives you the best results. Make your choice of the Live online video conferencing Session you want:
(Times are in Pacific Time)
Tuesday at 12:00 noon _____________
Thursday 3 p.m.   _______________         Friday 1 p.m.    ______________

(You must be accepted into the Program in order to Enroll.)

You can turn things around in as little as 100 days. APPLY NOW.

Get things to happen the way you want them to.


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Gwenda’s course prepares artists. One of her graduates came to my gallery and presented her work. She was so well organized and informative that it showed off her beautiful artwork perfectly. She didn’t waste my time. It took her on right away. It was a perfect experience all around! I can’t wait to show and sell the artist’s work.

— Jennifer Perlmutter, Gallery Owner

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