Testimonials From Some of Our Clients

I think that artists cannot underestimate the importance of preparation and practice. Success really is when preparation meets opportunity. My goal was to have four galleries in the United States and one in Europe. I have three in the U.S. already. I know I could not have done this a year ago, and certainly not without Gwenda’s expertise guiding me along.

— Karen Koestner Barrow, Artist

Coaching gave me that extra structure and inspires me to stay on track. I notice that I’ve changed my thought process. It’s an investment in myself, my life and my family. It’s important to invest in myself. I’m projecting a different level of professionalism, and it feels good! In two years, I went from selling a box of cards at our open studio to selling 19 paintings! Now, with Gwenda as my agent, I have new gallery representation. As my agent, Gwenda has found me a fantastic new gallery to work with.

– Farida Hughes, Painter

Gwenda helped me pay attention to how I was shooting myself in the foot and, then how the process of doing the business of an artist could be exciting, fulfilling, and even help me grow as a person.

At first, I had to move forward on faith, and then I started to feel some momentum as opportunities and relationships built on themselves. Now, I have a new level of awareness and am operating from a different place. I got it!

— Kim Thoman, Painter and Sculptor

Gwenda’s unique way of coaching helped me discover why I make art the way I do. We explored my process, and I am recognizing my true contribution. This was a huge revelation, and now I “own” it. I am more confident in making my proposals, and I am currently negotiation a big project. Everything has shifted in the direction I want it to go.

– Cheryl Walker, Artist

In Gwenda’s seminar, I learned a tremendous amount, both from the gallery point of view but, more importantly, about my own work. I discovered things about my work and where it’s going! Gwenda is extremely knowledgeable and willing to share it. What I learned was worth far more than I paid for.

– Beth Changstrom, Artist

The main way Gwenda Joyce has helped me as an artist is by her honest and very knowledgeable reactions to my work. I don’t think my art would have advanced as it has without her feedback. Our conversations are a great source of energy for me. More concretely, she works hard to help me find outlets for my art. Her letter of recommendation was instrumental in my recent successful application for a Pollock-Krasner grant.

– Michael Acker, Digital & Collage Artist

I have always thought I had to do everything myself. I get overwhelmed and distracted all the time because I have so much to do. Working with Gwenda means I don’t have to think of everything myself, such as writing an artist’s statement or a press release. Gwenda is always one step ahead of me with a solution to a problem I don’t even realize exists. She is right there to support and guide me through the next step, so I don’t waste time in putting things off. I am getting a lot more done, and things are happening the way I want them to. I never thought I’d make it this far in making my dream happen – opening my own gallery and showing my art and other artist’s art. Without Gwenda’s help, I wouldn’t have gotten here.

– Geraldine LiaBraaten, Artist and Gallery Owner

Gwenda helped me put together a successful proposal that I had procrastinated finishing because I didn’t have the focus on what was needed or the direction to go for what I wanted. Now things are really good. I am working with two galleries and have ongoing projects. The highlights are: a monumental sculpture and a 2018 retrospective show in Switzerland with a coffee table retrospective book in the works.

– Dario Santacroce

I had a list of galleries that I now see were all wrong for me. Gwenda helped me find galleries that are a better match and helped me develop those relationships.

– Jil Evans

“Gwenda is soft, empathic and firm. Our talk has buoyed me up all day!”

– Kelly Radding, Fine Artist

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