Connect With People to Increase Your Audience and Sell Your Art

A lot of people, especially artists, have trouble talking about their what they do. If you struggle with this part, here’s how you can create a short statement known as an elevator speech for your art. Instead of just saying you make paintings, you’ll say something meaningful that engages people into a conversation about your art. You’ll draw people in and get them excited to see more. From there, you can go anywhere. Get proven results in 2 hours or less.

Order your downloadable copy of “Talking Your Talk.” This video and e-book will teach you everything you need to draw people into the conversation.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to write and speak about your art in a way that’s authentically you – Short Art Statement (SAS)
  • Be clear, concise and professional
  • Talk with confidence
  • Intrigue people to want to see your art in person
  • Gain sales by garnering interest through conversation

What You Will Get in the Video

Module 1 defines the ABC’s of why you’ll want to deliver the best answer in 15 seconds or less, and an outline of the top four essential points you’ll want to include to get people to talk to you.

You’ll step up to the plate feeling empowered to make yourself be heard.

What you will get in the e-book

Module 2 is a downloadable guidebook that takes you through the process of writing a Short Art Statement. You’ll be guided to find the right words to choose and express the right thoughts to fit your art in an authentic way. Follow the steps and learn what to include and what to leave out to start the conversation.

Each step is carefully planned for you to succeed and you’ll find out about the magic ingredient that is essential to take you over the top, even if you usually have trouble with words.

Your purchase of “Talking Your Talk” includes a 1-on-1 coaching session so you can implement and use your SAS.

Get your own copy of our video and e-book called “Talking Your Talk.”

It really works! It’s brilliant! I’ve tried it out already and it’s really helped. Sometimes you only get 15 seconds to get their attention!

— Margaret Lazzari, Artist

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