“Yes!” Program – Level One – Laying the Foundation for Your Success

The “Yes!” Program gives artists the basic skills to create the success they desire to have in their career. For all artists, basic business skills are essential to reaching the goals and dreams they have for themselves, including you.

It can become overwhelming, and you may not know where to begin. Take a shortcut to your success and join the other artists who have been given a strong foundation in their art career with the “Yes!” Program.

Level One – Laying the Foundation for Your Success gets you started the right way, and it’s available to you as a downloadable audio and activity book. Listen to the recording in your own time. Do the exercises in the activity book. Develop the necessary skills to move forward by completing this first step.

You Will Be Taken Through Seven Helpful Modules:

  1. Creating Favorable Conditions
  2. Making Goals that Work for You
  3. Clearing Your Blocks
  4. Assessing Where You Are
  5. Discovering Your Purpose
  6. Making a Mission Statement for Your Business
  7. Making Friends with Fear

Set your goals, get yourself organized, and learn how to direct your time to get the results you are seeking. Do first things first.

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“I’m glad I spent so much time on this part,” says artist Jill Ewald. “It has been so useful to me because it set me up for the success I have been getting in just a really short time. My whole life has changed on a daily and weekly basis!”

— Jill Ewald, Artist

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