An Artist’s Successful Gallery Showing

Gregg Chadwick: The Time Between

With excitement and anticipation, I attended the opening of Gregg Chadwick’s one-person show at Sandra Lee Gallery in San Francisco. Gregg was excited, too, as he hadn’t shown in San Francisco since he left the city and moved to Los Angeles many years before. There was a nice crowd at the opening when I entered. Several paintings had already been placed with collectors.

Two weeks later Gregg made a presentation at the gallery to a small, select group of Gregg’s ongoing fans and gallery insiders. Gregg spoke about the background of this series of works, and told a story about each painting in the series. It was thoroughly engaging. Gregg is very accessible and people loved the way he related his paintings to his personal ideas and wove the thread into the larger picture.

The talk was followed by a social hour. I watched as the red dots were put up on the labels of the paintings around the gallery and a few additional paintings in the back room that hadn’t been put on exhibit. Nearly a third of the paintings in the show sold that night.

“It’s all because of you!” said Gregg and his wife, Mary Sue, making a point of acknowledging my role in putting Gregg together with the gallery. I had gotten them connected. But Gregg made the work. He had spent years honing his craft and works every day in the studio. He has his own clients and an audience he developed through Open Studios in Los Angeles. But he hadn’t shown in San Francisco for years. In fact, he had wearied of the gallery world, and withdrawn from reaching out to galleries. The show was evidence of a turning point for him and his work.

I was thrilled for Gregg. His success is my success. I am fulfilling my purpose as much as he is.

But that’s not all, When Gregg’s work gets out into the world, it opens up a space for him to fill that void and create more. And that’s what Gregg is meant to do.

It brings me joy because your success is my success, and nothing makes me happier than to be a part of getting great art out there where it belongs – into the gallery, into collector’s homes, into public view.

Gregg and I started working together and things started happening immediately for him. Connections started to be made almost magically. Gregg’s energy shifted and little things occurred with people noticing the work, paying attention and starting a ripple effect. He was selected for media coverage in several different venues and was picked up by a gallery. The gallery relationship led to a commitment for a show, leading to sales and new opportunities. Gregg went on to have two more shows with the gallery. It gave him confidence, and now Gregg is moving so fast he can barely sit still. Mary Sue recognizes the positive way it has affected him in his life, not just his career.

In Gregg’s words:
Working with Gwenda has been a ‘win-win-win’ all around. Gwenda’s enthusiasm and vision are inspiring. Things keep coming at me out of the blue – writers wanting to write about my work, being featured online. I’m working with a gallery now. I’m loving everything that’s going on. Gwenda brings so much intelligence and positive energy to it. Her energy and enthusiasm fuels me so much. I just want to hide in the studio and create-create-create!

Gregg continues on his exciting path and is primed to take his work to the next level every year.
Gwenda Joyce is an artist coach, agent and former gallery owner. Click here for more stories of success from artists who have worked with her.

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