9 Steps to Artistic Freedom: Living the Artist’s Life and Making It Sustainable
by Gwenda Joyce

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9 Steps to Artistic Freedom: Living the Artist’s Life and Making It Sustainable, by Gwenda Joyce.

This book helps artists who struggle by providing “wealth of information and
advice” and case studies of artists who have succeeded.

By following the 9 steps to success, artists transform their approach to their
careers by being intentional and opening up to possibilities.  Artists begin to think
strategically, going from no sales to major sales and finding gallery representation. They are reaching goals that have eluded them in the past.  Following the guidance in this book will help you take the next steps up in your art career.

Gwenda Joyce is an artist coach and agent, and the founder of the Art
Ambassador. She is a former gallery owner in Chicago and long-time member of
the contemporary art world. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area (Marin

This book will prepare artists to be:
• In demand by galleries
• Sought after by the buying public
• Ready for exhibitions

By reading this book artists can look forward to:
• Stepping out into the world to show, sell and promote your art
• Learning to manage challenges that block your progress
• Navigating the steps that will bring sales and gallery representation
• Creating favorable conditions to expand your vision
• Enjoy living the artist’s life and making it sustainable

With the techniques and processes laid out by Gwenda Joyce, artists and other
creatives will experience a transformation. You will develop clarity, build confidence and gain a full understanding of what you need to do to fulfill your vision for career success. The path to professional recognition, sales and gallery representation is laid out for artists to follow. You will reach the goals you’ve always dreamed of and discover that it doesn’t have to be so hard.

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