10 Ways to Keep from Distraction & Stay on Track by Gwenda Joyce

Is distractibility an issue for you? It is for most creative people. The election was all-consuming, and now the holidays are facing us, offering more potential to be distracted from our work, our creativity and and regular routine. With too much to do, we get overwhelmed, which makes it impossible to do anything!

Use this list as a guide. It will keep you from being overwhelmed and leave time to enjoy the best things that the holidays bring. These are pointers that will help you to stay focused by doing what’s important first and limiting the time you spend on less important things:

1 Create a 90-day marketing and action plan (MAP) for your business and follow it. 90 days is far enough to get you to see the next steps and what you have to do, and it leaves time to fill in the blanks. It gives you short term goals to work toward.

2 Check email only once or twice a day, usually at the same time every day. Once in the morning and once at the end of the day is enough.

3 Schedule your appointments, including phone appointments and allocate specific time blocks for client calls. Blocks them in on your calendar.

4 Don’t take unscheduled phone calls, especially on your cell phone. Let it go into voicemail. And don’t answer your cell phone when you are in a meeting. Turn your phone ringer off.

5 Unsubscribe from e-zines and lists that no longer serve you. It allows you to focus on only the serious messages and keeps your inbox from being so cluttered that you miss the important things.

6 Create lists of things to do each day and each week. Find a system that works for you like putting them into your calendar. At the end day and end of the week, go over your list to see what you completed. If not, then add it to the next day’s list.

7 Focus on only participating in one project or program at a time. Immerse yourself in it and finish it before you move onto the next project.

8 Only work on those activities that contribute to the big picture for your business, such as those activities that will create new revenue, lead you to new people and improve your sales. You might enjoy a project that sounds like fun, but it can take you away from your real purpose and make you lose valuable time.

9 Focus on your big picture. Remember why you started your business in the first place and where you want to take it for You.

10 Be yourself. Remember why you got into this in the first place, and enjoy what you are doing.


Gwenda Joyce is the founder of the Art Ambassador ~ For Artists Who Are Going Places.

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