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Artists Who Are Going Places

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Are you a professional artist who dreams of more renown and more sales, but you don’t have the business skills and know-how that will put it together? You don’t know where to begin?


The solution to get the success you want for your art career will happen with mentoring from the Art Ambassador. Take your choice of the transformational programs that are offered as one-on-one individual Coaching sessions, home study programs, and the group program, the “Yes!” Program. Be among the artists who have transformed their prospects from being overwhelmed and stuck to bringing success and sales their way.

Professional Artist Agent Representation

The Art Ambassador leads tours to see wonderful contemporary art in galleries and museums in both the San Francisco Bay Area and to major urban centers throughout the country. We have also toured the best art offerings in Chicago, Los Angeles and New Orleans. Seeking the exciting mainstream cultural contributions of each region, you have a chance to discover the latest and the best that each city has to offer. Meet other people who share the same interests as you do.


  • Our next Day Tour is to the Power Art Corner in downtown San Francisco in February 2017


  • Our next multi-day City Tour is to Denver in July 2017.



Art Career Success Mentoring

Musicians and actors have agents, and visual artists now, too, can work with an agent who will build your art career success with gallery representation and establish relationships with art consultants and art world professionals who will help fast track your art career to greater renown.


The Art Ambassador will identify the best galleries for your art and establish those relationships. You, too, can have the career success you have only dreamed of with galleries who are the perfect fit for representing your art. Without the Art Ambassador’s help, they never would have found these relationships.

Art Tours

Get exceptional career building for your art

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